Hamish Hutchings · March 10, 2019

I’ve been climbing for over a year now pretty steadily and am now starting to get the hang of it (finally). I have mainly been doing top-roping, but have also been doing Bouldering on and off. Unfortunately I do live in the Netherlands though so actually being able to climb things is a bit challenging.

I also recently started doing some lead-climbing as I was fealing like I wanted to try something a bit different. And different it is! It really is quite a different thing to fall off and drop several metres before coming to a gentle halt (hopefully, thanks to my Belayer who kept me alive). If the Belayer is too aggressive in stopping you when you fall, you can really hurt yourself when you crash into the wall (I now have a twisted ankle). But it’s all for the greater good, or something like that.

I have become a fan of this whole climbing gig, it’s a pretty entertaining way to spend my time. And I love the challenge, there is always something harder to climb, something that I couldn’t do before, but with practice am now able to. It really is such a great way to keep active. I also love the people and community that surrounds climbing. There is always someone around to chat to, to give (and receive) advice to/from and to belay you up the wall if you don’t have a climbing partner for that day.

If someone lives in Amsterdam and wants to give it a try, send me an email and we can sort something out. I am willing and always happy to help people try out the sport.


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