First Paragliding session in Scheveningen

Hamish Hutchings · July 7, 2019

The wind was finally right today for some paragliding in scheveningen. It’s quite an interesting flying area, but unfortunately it’s a really tiny space to fly in at about 100 metres of easily flyable ridge.

I’m planning on going out again tomorrow to explore the ridge more, further south looks like it may be possible to get some height too. The wind is also going to be a bit stronger, gusting up to about 40 km/h meaning I may be able to get some lift further north too.

A bit about the area though. Firstly, the takeoff is pretty sketchy, it’s really narrow. Actually so narrow that it’s not possible to even put your whole wing fully laid out. The takeoff is the staircase down to the beach, and it just loves catching lines! I think the way to go is to jump through the fence and takeoff just to the right, although it will need to be a quick launch as it’s technically not allowed.

My first takeoff though was probably one of my worst takeoffs ever. The wing popped up with a cravatte, nothing too unusual here. Then it started to fall to one side while picking me up. I had to brace against the railing of the stairs while both trying to pull out the cravatte and not get dragged over the side of the stairs. I then got that sorted, the wing picked me up again and put me into the other railing (now on the correct side at least). I finally managed to get it over my head long enough to take the few steps required to get into the air properly and fly over the railing and onto the dune.

It is definitely one of my sketchiest takeoffs and I really do not wish to repeat it! I’m going back out tomorrow morning to have another look at it and see if I can figure out a better takeoff technique.

The location itself is pretty amazing! There are some beautiful WW II bunkers that are half-buried in the dunes and I was floating over them so peacefully today, doing some lazy swoops over them, hovering above them and generally just playing around on them. All in all I think this could be a pretty fun place to play, especially if the wind picks up and I go with the miniwing.


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