Hamish Hutchings

Cloud Native Consultant

About Me

With a focus on Infrastructure automation, I also enjoy backend development. From CICD and programmable Infrastructure to microservices and Containerisation.

I live and breathe the cloud and want to help more people transition into today’s cloud-native ecosystem


Fika.Works Collective



May 2020 - Present

Cloud Native Consultancy Cooperative

In May 2020 a few friends & I founded a Cooperative with the goal of providing Cloud Native Consultancy. We wanted to create a supportive & inclusive, engineering-driven company with a focus on long-term stability & a healthy professional social environment.

We had all been independent consultants for a few years by that point & felt that there are things that by being your own entity definitely one loses out on. Specifically, the community aspect of a company environment can definitely mean quiet days.

The Cooperative is growing steadily, starting at 4 founding members we are now up to 12 in 18 months, with a wider community having grown up around us.



Lead DevOps Engineer

August 2020 - Present

Automated infrastructure & Dev support

I’m part of a small & focused team working on rolling out infrastructure & processes to support in-shop technology. My role is to build, design & architect a scalable solution designed to scale to multiple countries in different regulatory environments.

We are responsible for building & designing a fully operational & multi-tenant capable solution. My responsibilities include supporting consumers of our infrastructure, managing key stakeholders & of course actually building out the project.

I work with the following technologies on a regular basis:

  • Azure Cloud
  • Terraform
  • Python
  • CICD



DevOps Engineer

October 2019 - April 2020

Automated infrastructure & Dev support

I focus on building out and automating the infrastructure for multiple services across 5 different geographical regions. This ranges from infrastructure automation using Terraform to providing feedback and guidance on technical decisions for the architecture of running systems.

We work as a close team, following GitOps principles & maintaining a complex set of dependent services across multiple environments.

I work closely with the developers, directly contributing to the services themselves when the need arises. I also worked with the devs to enable them to take more control of their services throught the lifecycle, from development all the way through to production.

I work on the following technologies on a daily basis:

  • Azure Cloud
  • Terraform
  • CICD
  • Python
  • TypeScript

Container Solutions


Lead Cloud Native Engineer

July 2017 - October 2019

Building Cloud Native Confidence

I’m a lead cloud native engineer. Normally this means managing a team of engineers with a focus on cloud-technologies. I work technically, both writing code and discussing the architectural direction with the client. When I’m not doing that I’m running trainings in Kubernetes & Docker, working on Pre-Sales or carrying out internal projects to improve openness and satisfaction within the company.

Projects I have worked on include

  • Building a tool to inspect the Kubernetes cluster and construct enriched data for consumption by other services
  • Build out an enterprise-scale CICD and PaaS offering including Jenkins, SonarQube and Open Policy Agent in Google Cloud
  • Advise and implement a number of PoC’s for companies interested in exploring Kubernetes and Cloud Native.


Software Engineer

May 2015 - May 2016

During this period I worked on building a JavaScript library to support Fluid-Dynamics Engineers in building an improved UX for running complex calculations. This was a longer project involving diving into C# to help build an API as well as Fortran to standardise data IO to be machine-readable. The library took considerable planning and engineering time to fully encapsulate the complexities and flexibility required for a generic interface over the formulas.



Data Engineer & Software Engineer (Intern)

May 2015 - September 2015 & May 2016 - September 2016

During my first experience I was heavily involved in migrating a 500k LOC rails project from rails3 to rails4. As a Data Engineer I was involved in building a machine-learning model, as well as architecting the supporting architecture. Additionally I introduced and supported the rollout of Docker within the company. This process involved building and packaging multiple different processes (within Docker), providing support for Docker-specific issues as well as providing training to colleagues as I onboarded them.


Declarative Operating System

I run nixpkgs on my chromebook (within Crostini), as well as on all my servers/linux laptops. It is a declarative approach to defining package-sets and configuration for a system, whether that be a set of interacting applications or a full-blown operating-system.

I am involved in the community, and support a few packages.

Image Management for Kubernetes Clusters

I was involved in the early alpha-stages of this project. Beginning with setting the base setup for a container registry in Rust.


University of Edinburgh

BSc Computer Science

2013 -2017

Machine Learning & Programming Language Theory

My academic focus at Edinburgh centered around machine-learning, data-science, building scalable systems and programming language theory. Through my thesis I developed a tool to automatically extract runtime type information from JavaScript and generate Typescript definition files. I came to this topic through one of my professors who’s research this was inspired by (blame calculus).

Outside of academia, I was (and still am) a member of a group of SysAdmins running & maintaining a set of physical servers located on-campus. The project runs a diverse array of different services (GitLab, LDAP, IRC Server, Mail Server as well as any long-running projects that students may want to run in a less regulated and more experimental environment). During University I also worked within the field as an intern, both over summer and part-time during semesters.

A Little More About Me

Alongside my interests in programming languages and software engineering some of my other interests and hobbies include:

  • Rock climbing 🧗
  • Paragliding 🛩️
  • Reading 📖