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So normally this kind of post would be in the file, but because I don’t really want to figure out how to get Jekyll to render things correctly it will be done here and linked from the front page.

It may seem weird to even have a contributing concept for a private blog/wiki allowing contribution from others. Oh well, it is what I have decided.

Despite this, the barrier to entry is not that low. One will need to have a Github account, as well as understand how to fork repositories and use git (sorry).

There is a pretty reasonable guide to this here which has screenshots on the steps necessary in order to make changes. Personally I would recommend installing VSCode and GitHub Desktop. Although to start off, it is entirely possible to just make your changes in the repository itself.

This may seem crazy and way more complicated than it needs to be. In that case, I’m sorry, it’s just the way it is (you may thank me later).

If you really aren’t sure how to go ahead, then I’m happy to help out. Please make sure you have done the following beforehand though:

  • created a GitHub account
  • downloaded and logged into the GitHub Desktop app
  • downloaded and installed VSCode

Thanks for wanting to contribute!